Sandusky, Ohio@Ghostly Manor Thrill Center
1. Bobby Beverly beat Hobo Joe by pinfall after a uranage backbreaker.

2. Da Latin Crime Syndicate (Joey the Snake and K. Fernandez) defeated Lights Out (Ben Fruith and Corey Winters) by pinfall after Luis Diamante distracted the referee, allowing DLCS to illegally use a chain.

-Facade came out before his match with Marion Fontaine and told the crowd that Chandler Biggins forced him to defend his Intense Division Title against Chris Dickinson at "Nightmare Before Xmas 3" under unfair circumstances. Facade insisted that he was injured and refused to work his way up the ranks for a shot at the Intense Division Title.

3. Marion Fontaine defeated Facade with a jackknife pin after Facade collapsed in the ring. Facade was favoring his allegedly injured foot throughout the majority of the contest.

4. Alpha Beta Duke (Nick Belushi and The Duke) defeated Simply Dynamite (Shawn Blaze and TJ Dynamite) by pinfall after a Rikishi Driver. Nick Belushi punched Shawn Blaze in the back of the head when Blaze attempted to break up the pinfall. Shawn Blaze needed to be helped to the back and was taken to a local medical facility.

5. Luis Diamante defeated Lince Dorado by pinfall after a Ki Krusher. Da Latin Crime Syndicate prevented Lince Dorado from scoring the pinfall after hitting a top rope Shooting Star Press by distracting the referee.

6. Hailey Hatred defeated Jefferson Saint by pinfall after a Fisherman Buster. Jefferson Saint and The Jack Of Love attacked Hailey Hatred after the match until Aeroform ran them off. Hailey Hatred was carried to the locker room. Jefferson Saint stole the AIW Women's Title.

7. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick and Louis Lyndon) defeated Jack of Love (Jack Verville and Chest Flexor) by pinfall after a palm strike. Jefferson Saint tried to distract the referee but ended up colliding with his partners, leaving Jack Verville vulnerable. Jefferson Saint is still in possession of the AIW Women's Title.

8. Eric Alverado defeated Johnny Gargano with a rollup. After Johnny Gargano hit Uniquely You, Facade rushed the ring, allowing Alverado enough time to steal the victory. Eric Alverado will challenge for the AIW Intense Division Title at Gauntlet For The Gold on February 19th at the West Park Party Center.

9. INTENSE TITLE: Chris Dickinson defeated Gran Akuma by pinfall after countering a la magistral cradle to retain the AIW Intense Division Title.

10. AIW TAG TITLES: Faith In Nothing defeated Hallowicked & Jigsaw by pinfall after a double team powerbomb/neckbreaker combination to retain the AIW Tag Team Titles.

Cleveland, Ohio@West Park Party Center
-Absolute Owner Chandler Biggins came to the ring and announced that for the second consecutive West Park Party Center event, there was bad news about an AIW Title. Biggins called AIW Tag Team Champion, Christian Faith, and Agent Aaron Bauer to ringside. Bauer announced that Faith had suffered a possible career-ending neck injury and Vincent Nothing was seemingly nowhere to be found. Agent Aaron Bauer revealed that the Tag Team Gauntlet would be for the vacant tag titles.

1. Tag Team Gauntlet FOR AIW TAG TITLES:
-Alpha Beta Duke beat Lights Out
-Alpha Beta Duke beat The Jack Of Love (Flexor/Saint)
-Da Latin Crime Syndicate beat Alpha Beta Duke
-During the start of the ABD/DLCS confrontation the lights went out. When the technical issue was resolved, a pair some local wrestlers who were not scheduled to appear on the show snuck in and attacked Nick Belushi. Concerned about his partner, The Duke had turned his attention to the Melee, leaving him vulnerable to Da Latin Crime Syndicate.
-Pink Mustaches beat Da Latin Crime Syndicate
-Aeroform beat Pink Mustaches
-Aeroform was declared the new AIW Tag Team Champions. However, Agent Aaron Bauer announced that he had booked one more tag team - The Young Studs.
-The Young Studs defeated Aeroform after Agent Aaron Bauer forced Flip Kendrick off of the top rope. When Faith confronted the turncoat,
-Bauer, The Young Studs attacked Faith and further injured his neck.

2. Absolute Opportunity: Johnny Cockstrong beat "The Smooth Savage" Jonny Mangue

-Jack Verville came out and complained about how Flexor/Saint failed to win the tag titles and how he was going to win the Absolute Title later. He asked for a warm up match. Tommy Mercer answered the challenge.

3. Tommy Mercer beat Jack Verville with the Mercy Kill

4. For #30 Spot in The Gauntlet For The Gold, Sterling James Keenan beat Johnny Gargano with a cross arm breaker.

-Chris Dickinson entered to defend the Intense Division Championship. Chandler Biggins returned and announced that Eric Alverado was scared to face Dickinson and had quit Absolute Intense Wrestling. After a few choice words about Mr. Alverado, Facade interrupted and was awarded the title shot.

5. No Disqualification for The INTENSE TITLE: Chris Dickinson beat Façade with an ace crusher from the top rope to the floor through the announcer table.

1. Façade
2. Johnny Gargano
3. "The Smooth Savage" Jonny Mangue
4. Chris Dickinson
5. Jefferson Saint
-Saint seeing the other 4 in the ring, refused to enter the Gauntlet.
6. Chest Flexor
7. Jack Verville
8. Ben Fruith
-All members of the Jack Of Love refused to enter the match and prevented Fruith from entering.
9. Johnny Cockstrong
-The others stop Cockstrong from entering, as well.
10. Southside St. Clair
-Southside came out and called out the others for being afraid, and lead everybody into the ring to attack the first four.
11. Tommy Mercer
-Mercer came out and cleaned house. Jack Of Love, Southside and Fruith were all eliminated in short order. Mercer press slammed Cockstrong onto the pile.
12. The Duke
13. Eric Ryan
14. Flip Kendrick
15. John Thorne
16. K. Fernadez
17. Christian Faith (Who was unable to come out due to injury.)
18. Jay Ice
19. Nick Belushi
20. Benny Boone
21. Gregory Iron
-Thorne is eliminated by Chris Dickinson. While walking to the locker room, Thorne was attached by a former AIW talent who was captured and ejected from the building.

22. Bobby Beverly
23. Hobo Joe
24. Robert Paulson
25. Marion Fontaine
26. Louis Lyndon
27. Corey Winters
28. K.Fed
29. The Potato
-The entire match stopped when Potato entered. Potato danced his way into the ring where he was immediately attacked and thrown out.
30. Sterling James Keenan

-The match came down to Tommy Mercer, Johnny Gargano, Façade and SJK. With Gargano and SJK on the apron, Mercer slammed Facade over and all four competitors spilled out at once. Pedro Deluca asked for Absolute Owner Chandler Biggins to determine a winner. Chandler, however, was busy ejecting the out-of-control fans. After consulting the wrestlers, fans and referees, Chandler couldnt make a decision. It was announced that all four wrestlers will compete at Absolution 5 at West Park Party Center on June 27th with the winner becoming the Absolute Champion.


Cleveland, Ohio@West Park Party Center
1. Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match: Luis Diamante, Joey The Snake, & K. Fernandez [Da Latin Crime Syndicate] beat Hobo Joe, Gregory Iron, & Robert Paulson [The Homeless Handicap Connection]

2. Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match: Bobby Beverly, Eric Ryan, & TJ Dynamite [The Young Studs beat Marion Fontaine, Super Oprah, & Southside St. Clair [The Mustache Militia]

3. Jack of All Trios Opening Round MatchL Lamont Williams, Randy Smith, & “Kano” Josh Emanuel [Blackballed] beat Corey Winters, Ben Fruith, & Dave The Potato [Pleather Platoon]

4. Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match: The Duke, Nick Belushi, & John Thorne [Alpha Beta Duke] beat Pierre Abernathy, Evan Gelestico, & Gary J. [Team LWA Showcase]

5. Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match: Marshe Rockett, Acid Jaz, & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson [The Soul Touchaz] beat Cameron
Skyy, Tommy Treznik, & Dave Manzo [Team CLASH Wrestling]

6. Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match: Jonny Mangue, Chase Burnett, & Zane Silver [Team Beyond] beat Jack Verville, Chest Flexor, & Jefferson Saint [Jack of Love]

7. Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match: Toby Klein, Chris Dickinson, & Tommy Mercer [Team No Mercy] beat Madman Pondo, Zac Vincent, & Elkview Adam [Team IWA East Coast]

8. NON TOURNAMENT: Jessica Havoc beat Allysin Kay

9. Jack of All Trios Opening Round Match: Johnny Gargano, Flip Kendrick, & Louis Lyndon [Team Oreo] beat Shiima Xion, Façade, & Corvis Fear [Psycho Sexual Panic]

Cleveland, Ohio@West Park Party Center
PRESHOW: Lights Out beat The Homeless Connection (Paulson and Joe)

PRESHOW: Tommy Treznik and Dave Menzo from CLASH beat The Submission Squad

PRESHOW: Gregory Irons beat Gary Jay

1. Jack of All Trios Quarter-Final Match: Johnny Gargano, Flip Kendrick, & Louis Lyndon [Team Oreo] beat Jonny Mague, Chase Burnett,
& Zane Silver [Team Beyond]

2. Jack of All Trios Quarter-Final Match: The Duke, Nick Belushi, & John Thorne [Alpha Beta Duke] vs. Lamont Williams, Shawn Blaze,
& “Kano” Josh Emanuel [Blackballed] went to a no contest

3. Jack of All Trios Quarter-Final Match: Marshe Rockett, Acid Jaz, & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson [The Soul Touchaz] beat
Luis Diamante, Joey The Snake, & K. Fernandez [Da Latin Crime Syndicate]

4. Jack of All Trios Quarter-Final Match: Bobby Beverly, Eric Ryan, & TJ Dynamite [The Young Studs] beat
Toby Klein, Chris Dickinson, & Tommy Mercer [Team No Mercy]

5. Frightmare beat Green Ant

6. Jefferson Saint beat Angeldust

7. Jack Verville beat Cameron Skyy, Corvis Fear, and Davey Vega

8. Jack of All Trios Semi-Final Match: Johnny Gargano, Flip Kendrick, & Louis Lyndon [Team Oreo] beat Marshe Rockett, Acid Jaz, &
Willie “da Bomb” Richardson [The Soul Touchaz]

9. Tim Donst and Pinkie Sanchez [The BDK] beat Sugar Dunkerton and Matt Classic

10. Jack Of All Trios Tournament Finals: Johnny Gargano, Flip Kendrick, & Louis Lyndon [Team Oreo] beat Bobby Beverly, Eric Ryan, &
TJ Dynamite [The Young Studs]

Sandusky, Ohio @The Underground
1. PRESHOW: Isaac Montana beat Hobo Joe with the help of Da Latin Crime Syndicate

2. Team Beyond Beat Da Latin Crime Syndicate (Joey The Snake & K.Fernadez)

3. Luis Diamante beat Corey Winters
-After the match, Winters/Fruith/Potato sprayed Da Latins with Silly String and got destroyed until Hobo Joe made the save.

4. Alpha Beta Duke beat The Submission Squad

-Gregory Iron called out the man who had been calling him out for weeks online, it turned out to be “The Aftermath” Justin Lee and they brawled with Lee leaving Greg laying.

5. The Banana Brigade beat The Olsen Twins

6. Shiima Xion beat Marion Fontaine

7. INTENSE TITLE: Chris Dickinson © beat Jonny Mangue
-Afterward, Shiima Xion challenged Dickinson for a match at Absolution 5

8. AIW TAG TITLES: The Young Studs © lost to Aeroform via DQ but The Young Studs retained the titles.

9. Angeldust beat Allysin Kay
-Afterward Jefferson Saint and Chest Flexor came out and attacked both women

10. Sterling James Keenan/Façade beat Johnny Gargano/Tommy Mercer when SJK rolled up Gargano
-Afterward Mercer left everybody laying

Cleveland, Ohio@West Park Party Center
1. The Olsen Twins defeated Marion Fontaine & Super Oprah, Jack Of Love, Banana Brigade, and Team Beyond to become the #1 Contenders to the AIW Tag Team Championships.

2. Pleather Platoon and Hobo Joe defeated Da Latin Crime Syndicate.

3. Gregory Iron defeated "Aftermath" Justin Lee.

4. Alpha Beta Duke & John Thorne defeated Blackballed in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

5. ABSOLUTE TITLE: Johnny Gargano defeated Tommy Mercer, Sterling James Keenan, and Facade to become the new AIW Absolute Championship

6. AIW WOMENS TITLE: Jefferson Saint defeated Hailey Hatred by forfeit to become the new AIW Women's Champion when she never returned to AIW from Mexico.

7. AIW WOMENS TITLE: Angeldust defeated Jefferson Saint to become the new AIW Women's Champion.
-Intense Champ Chris Dickinson failed to appear, so Pedro Deluca announced that the title was vacated and would be decided in the next match

8. AIW INTENSE TITLE: Shiima Xion defeated Ricochet to become the new AIW Intense Division Champion

9. ROH World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black defeated Chuck Taylor.

10. AIW TAG TITLES: Aeroform defeated Young Studs in a 2 out of 3 falls match to become the new AIW Tag Team Champions.

11. AIW ABSOLUTE TITLE: AIW Absolute Heavyweight Champion Johnny Gargano wrestled "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson to a 30 minute draw.

57. AIW Invades Warped Tour
Indianapolis, IN @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
1. Tag match featuring Jake Omen and Dylan Bostic

2. Jason Gory beat Chest Flexor

3. Louis Lyndon beat Jack Verville

4. Facade beat Jason Gory

5. The Duke beat Chest Flexor

6. Chuck Taylor W/Dr. Colonel Nolan Angus beat Tim Donst

7. Jefferson Saint beat Jake Omen

8. Flip Kendrick beat Jack Verville

9. Louis Lyndon beat Dylan Bostic

10. Dr. Colonel Nolan Angus won a battle royal

58. AIW Invades Warped Tour
Cleveland, OH @Time Warner Cable Amphitheatre
1. Marion Fontaine beat Jefferson Saint

2. INTENSE TITLE: Shiima Xion beat Jason Gory

3. Dave Crist beat Luis Diamante

4. K.Fernadez beat A Juggalo

5. The Duke beat The Potato

6. Joey "The Snake" Diamante VS. Chest Flexor went to a no contest when The Potato interfered and was laid out.

7. Jason Gory beat Chest Flexor

8. Dave Crist beat Gregory Iron

9. Dave Crist won a battle royal

10. Dave Crist beat "MDogg20" Matt Cross to earn an Absolute Title shot in the future

59. AIW: Youth Gone Wild
Strongsville, Ohio @McCarthy's Strongsville

1. ABSOLUTE OPPORTUNITY: TJ Dynamite beat Kaden Hassad, with his victory TJ won a spot back on the main roster of AIW.

2. ABSOLUTE OPPORTUNITY: The Kombat Kid VS. Mr. RBI went to a no contest when Kano and Lamont of Blackballed interrupted. Bitter about their trainees getting booked and not them, they demanded a match, Absolute Owner Chandler Biggins made a tag match for contracts.

3. ABSOLUTE OPPORTUNITY: Blackballed (Kano and Lamont "Action" Williams" beat Mr. RBI and The Kombat Kid

4. ABSOLUTE OPPORTUNITY: Chest Flexor beat Reggae Dones, due his victory Chest Flexor claimed he's now under TWO AIW contacts and considered himself to be "Double Dipping".

5. Da Latin Crime Syndicate destroyed The Pleather Platoon, to the point where Dave The Potato had to be helped from the ring.

6. "The Aftermath" Justin Lee VS. "The Passion" John Thorne went to a no contest when Aftermath injured Thorne with a chair and attacked AIW staff. Thorne was rushed to a local medical center where he was diagnosed with neck and back injuries and a concussion. Gregory Iron ended up running Lee off, challenging to a NO-DQ match on 8/ 20 at AIW "THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH".

7. The Duke beat Bobby Beverly

8. "No Mercy" Tommy Mercer beat Shawn Schultz

9. ABSOLUTE OPPORTUNITY: Marti Belle beat Tina San Antonio

10. Eric Ryan beat Gregory Iron, due to his win, Eric Ryan will be in Chikara's 2010 Young Lions Cup at the end of August.

11. ABSOLUTE TITLE: Johnny Gargano retained VS. Tim Donst

60. AIW @The Rock Star Energy Mayhem Festival
Cincinnati, Ohio @Riverbend Music Center

1. Devon Maximus/Sid Fabulous beat The Smoking Aces

2. Little Naughty beat Hardcore Heather Owens

3. American Kickboxer 2 beat Tarek The Legend

4. Aaron X-treme beat Douglas Charles

5. Dave Crist/Matthew Justice/J-Money beat Eric Ryan/Dustin Rayz/Eddie Gonzales

6. American Kickboxer 2 beat Sid Fabulous & Devon Maximus

7. Facade beat "The Double Dipper" Chest Flexor

8. Dave Crist beat Tarek The Legend in falls count anywhere match

Broadview Heights, Ohio@Jocko's Bar And Grille
1. Dalton Castle beat Cloudy

2. Marion Fontaine beat Bobby Beverly when Fontaine caused Eric Ryan to DDT his own partner, Bobby. Afterwards The Young Studs exchanged words.

3. "The Double Dipper" Chest Flexor beat TJ Dynamite, it appeared TJ had the match won, but Flexor used his second contract to restart the match and beat TJ.

4. Blackballed/Da Latin Crime Syndicate beat Lights Out/Alpha Beta Duke

5. "The Aftermath" Justin Lee VS. Gregory Iron No DQ match never got started as Greg announce that Aftermath hadn't shown up. Standing by his side, his partner in the Homeless Handicap Connection, Hobo Joe shockingly attacked Greg and revealed the Aftermath had sent him as a replacement. Greg and Hobo battled all over Jocko's, but Hobo gained the victory. Afterwards the attack continued leaving Iron laying.

6. Facade beat Sterling James Keenan

7. AIW TAG TITLES: Aeroform (C) beat The Olsen Twins

8. AIW WOMENS TITLE: Angeldust (C) beat Mickie Knuckles W/Muscle

9. AIW INTENSE TITLE: Shiima Xion (C) W/Adult Film Star Angelina Ash beat Samuray Del Sol

10. AIW ABSOLUTE TITLE: Johnny Gargano (C) beat Trik Davis

Lakewood, Ohio @St. Gregory's Byzantine Hall
1. Blackballed beat Kombat Kid/Mr. RBI

2. Marion Fontaine beat Tim Donst

3. Matt “MDogg20” Cross beat Colt Cabana, Corey Winters, Dalton Castle, The Duke and AERO! To win a shot at The Intense Title later.

-Chest Flexor claimed since he had two contracts, he will scout the best talent in AIW and recruit them to his faction.

4. AIW WOMENS TITLE: Angeldust © beat Super Oprah

5. Gregory Iron beat “The Aftermath” Justin Lee in a NO DQ Match

6. The Olsen Twins beat The Young Studs
-Afterwards, The Young Studs broke up and attacked each other

7. Façade beat “No Mercy” Tommy Mercer

8. AIW TAG TITLES: Aerform © beat Da Latin Crime Syndicate

9. AIW INTENSE TITLE: Shiima Xion © beat Matt “MDogg20” Cross

10. ABSOLUTE TITLE: Johnny Gargano © beat Dave Crist

63. Hell On Earth 6
Lakewood, Ohio @St. Gregorys
1. In a Preshow Match, Da Latin Crime Syndicate beat Lights Out, afterwards the beat down continued and Mr. RBI and Kombat Kid made the save.

2. The Duke beat AERO!

3. WOMENS TITLE: Angeldust (C) beat Mena Libra

4. Tim Donst beat Samuray Del Sol

5. Blackballed beat The Irish Airborne

6. Eric Ryan beat Bobby Beverly in a Loser Leaves AIW Match

7. Gregory Iron/Masada beat Hobo Joe/Aftermath Justin Lee, in the process of the match, Masada struck numerous wood skewers in the head of Hobo Joe.

8. INTENSE TITLE: Marion Fontaine beat Shiima Xion to win the Intense Title

9. The Olsen Twins beat A Call 2 Arms (Shane Hollister & Trik Davis) in a match dedicated to the 4 Loko alcoholic drink

10. Tommy Mercer beat Sterling James Keenan in a casket match

11. ABSOLUTE TITLE: Johnny Gargano (C) VS. Facade went to a double DQ when both knocked the ref down with a ladder, the locker room had to clear to break the two up.

64. AIW Nightmare Before X-Mas 4
Lakewood, Ohio @St. Gregory's Byzantine Hall

1. Preshow: Mr. RBI/Kombat Kid beat Lights Out

2. Preshow: "The Aftermath" Justin Lee beat Nick Ando and Maximo Suave

3. Da Latin Crime Syndicate VS. Blackballed went to a no contest when they refused to wrestle causing Mr. RBI/Kombat Kid/Lights Out to attack. They were quickly out numbered by Da Latins and Blackballed, causing The Duke to make the save. Duke announced he's reforming Alpha Beta Duke and they would be his first pledges.

4. The Duke beat Dalton Castle

-Tommy Mercer came out with his bodyguard "The Chad" and proclaimed that since signing a TNA contract, he was refusing to wrestle, since he heard AIW was going to attempt to hurt him. Absolute Owner Chandler Biggins reminded Mercer that before TNA he had signed a match contract for this show and he would be facing 3 opponents later.

4. AIW WOMENS TITLE: Angeldust (C) beat Portia Perez

5. Eric Ryan VS. Shiima Xion didn't happen as Chest Flexor interrupted ring announcer Pedro Deluca's introduction of Shiima and revealed that his 2nd contract was given to somebody else. A masked fan jumped the rail and attacked Eric revealing himself to be Bobby Beverly. They bloodied Eric with scissors and then raped him of his dignity by shaving his head.

6. Tommy Mercer came out to face his three opponents, many rumors circulated that New Jack or Samoa Joe would face Mercer. Instead "New" Jack Verville and Samoa Lou came out and were quickly dispatched by Mercer and "The Chad". Absolute Champ Johnny Gargano came out as the 3rd opponent and said he would be proud to defend AIW's honor against Mercer. Mercer asked for the match to be for the title so he could win and hand the belt right to Eric Bischoff. After a hard fought battle, Gargano was victorious. Afterward, Mercer had a change of heart and thanked the fans and said AIW was one of his favorite places to wrestle.

7. Gregory Iron beat Matt "MDogg20" Cross

8. Tim Donst beat Jimmy Jacobs

9. AIW TAG TITLES: The Olsen Twins beat The Irish Airborne and Aeroform to win the titles

10. LADDER MATCH FOR ABSOLUTE TITLE: Johnny Gargano (C) beat Shiima Xion and Facade
-As Facade and Gargano were starting their match, Absolute Owner Chandler Biggins stopped the match and explained that due to borrowing money to bail Facade out of jail, Chest Flexor now can insert anybody he wants into any match, Flexor announced he was adding Shiima Xion to this contest. Facade upset that his friend would take his opportunity away quickly came to blows with Shiima, ending Psycho Sexual Panic forever.